Joe (vandalizerr) wrote in roundherecc,

more people should actually check this out

hi people.

so you guys might have heard of this and you might not but there is this company called gratis and they are the ones who run

well incase you havent heard, its totally legit.

ANYWAYS, the same company came out with

AND the NEW PS2 THIN is an option to choose from.

if you want to help me out you can sign up through here - if not its totally cool i understand but you should still check it out
you know its cool, but not worth the money, so why not get it for free?

and the main reason that i'm promoting this is because i honestly dont think that enough people are taking advantage of these free offer sites (only believe the sites run by gratis and offercentric though, cause there are a lot of rip offs out there)

you can find more information and help at this good website called (its about many free offers)
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